Frequently Asked Questions, answered


  • Which hardwood should I choose?

All are dense hardwoods and give great heat output but the choice is really down to personal preference. Here are a couple of notes to help you decide:

Ash – If you’d rather have more of a “visual” effect when you’re burning your firewood (ie brighter, longer flames), perhaps if you have people over or you want the welcome, warming flicker from your logs, then ash may be the choice for you. Ash is slightly easier to light than oak

Birch – A long-time favourite of the Scandinavians and very often chosen instead of ash, birch is a good all-rounder. It’s very popular for pizza ovens, too, and in the restaurant trade as it breaks nicely down into coals, making it easy to get an even bed of embers

Oak – It’s slightly denser than ash and birch and therefore burns a bit slower, giving more of a glow where a longer lasting heat is desired. It still has a good flame, but the flame is less vigorous. Oak is best placed in an established fire on a bed of hot embers.


  • How long will delivery take?

Crates and pallets are usually delivered to AB postcodes in 2 – 4 working days from placing your order. For Orkney and Shetland, it should usually be 3 – 5 working days from placing your order.

For all other firewood deliveries ordered in the firewood season, we’ll deliver as soon as we can within 7 working days of your order being placed. Please note, however, that delivery may take up to two weeks in the summer months.


  • I’ve just had a new stove installed. How much kiln-dried firewood should I order?

It depends on many factors including how well your house is insulated, how big the area to be heated is, how often you’ll be using your wood-burner etc. We recommend starting with a bulk bag (two narrow-access bags) to see how much you are going through, then take it from there


  • When can you deliver?

We’ll make every effort to get your logs to you as soon as we can within 7 working working days after placing your order but many factors affect when delivery will be made; high demand, weather etc.


  • Can I collect?

Collection is sometimes available by special request. Just get in contact and we’ll do our best to help


  • How big are the logs?

Our logs average 25cms/10ins in length. Diameters vary


  • Do you want the bags back?

Yes, please! Returning the bags means less waste to landfill and also helps us to maintain our lowest prices. Please let us know that there are bags to collect when you place your next order and we’ll collect them when we deliver


  • You are selling crates of a particular hardwood, but it’s not currently available in narrow-access bags. Why is that?

Our crates of logs are warehoused with and distributed by a logistics company so while some species are available by the crate, it may be that we are sometimes out of stock at our Insch storage.

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